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The average person has an incredible 250 hairs in each of their eyebrows, but some people have no eyebrows, or eyebrows too light to be seen.

Michelle Hall never set out to lead the Victoria Symphony — in fact, when she and her husband moved to Texas  more than 20 years ago, she didn’t even know the job  was available.

When you think of rubber ducks, you might not be thinking of break-neck speed and photo finish races — but that means you haven’t been to the Victoria Duck Safari. On Oct. 29, thousands of bright yellow ducks will brave the waters of the lake at Ethel Lee Tracy Park, vying to win their  spon…

On a warm sunny day, inside what was once a three-car garage on the outskirts of Victoria, a father and son  produce Blanc du Bois, a type of white wine.

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The Discover 361 magazine is looking for a mother-daughter team to be part of a holiday hair design story for our holiday edition. The styles will be done by stylists at Beehive Salon and Spa. We ask that the daughter be at least 8 years old. If you would like to be considered to participate…

Inside Victoria's All-Sports, fishing rods stretch toward the ceiling. Sharp, barbed hooks hang on the shelves. Vibrant fishing lures in every color from neon green to navy blue to pink and white sit out in a literal buffet. Glass cases display rows of high-quality fishing reels, and above t…

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