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The drive from Victoria to Fredericksburg is a scenic trip passing through San Marcos and along the Blanco River to this Hill Country town of just over 10,000. Clocking in at just over three hours, it’s doable for a weekend getaway or even a one-night stay.

To many, the kitchen is a sacred place in the home. It’s where we gather in the evenings, where we’re reunited with relatives, where we gossip with our siblings, debate life with our parents, and above all else, it’s where we make good food.

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Victoria residents Jim and Virginia Furness have hosted parties for years, whether it's a birthday gathering, holiday celebration or even a breakfast spread for their entire neighborhood.

Many say the holiday season is the best time of the year. There is a lot to love about the fun, family-centered holidays that kick off at the end of a long year. It’s a time filled with happiness and — more importantly to some — cooler weather.

When autumn arrives, most Victoria residents are only just getting around to thinking about Halloween. But as their neighbors begin carving pumpkins and hanging spooky decorations, Martha Vasquez and her sister Susan Martinez, co-owners of Ventura's Tamales, are already preparing for Christmas.

Christ’s Kitchen buzzed with work as volunteers maneuvered their stations to feed anywhere from 650 to 750 people on any given day much like an active hive of honey bees. The queen bee of it all is Trish Hastings.

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