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Summer may be all about relaxing by the pool or heading to the beach, but fall is all about the holiday parties. In my opinion, October through January is the most fun time of the year. The weather starts to cool off, seasonal  decorations start to come out, and the party planning begins. Wh…

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Autumn hits everyone differently. Some people set up shop on the couch and never miss a football game. Others are gripped by a fierce hunger for the taste of pumpkin. 

This is an important year for the Victoria Fine Arts Association as it is “celebrating 75 years of bringing excellent music to Victoria,” said David Faskas, president of the board of directors.

The average person has an incredible 250 hairs in each of their eyebrows, but some people have no eyebrows, or eyebrows too light to be seen.

Michelle Hall never set out to lead the Victoria Symphony — in fact, when she and her husband moved to Texas  more than 20 years ago, she didn’t even know the job  was available.

When you think of rubber ducks, you might not be thinking of break-neck speed and photo finish races — but that means you haven’t been to the Victoria Duck Safari. On Oct. 29, thousands of bright yellow ducks will brave the waters of the lake at Ethel Lee Tracy Park, vying to win their  spon…

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